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**I am a parent of a daughter who has always struggled with math.  If she had a teacher that was willing to spend extra time with her and/or taught math from multiple angles instead of one, she would do fairly well.  But if not, we would all be praying when grades came out!  Her sophomore year at Lincoln, she had a teacher that just would not (or could not) help her.  Enter Terry.  When he says he will build confidence, teach problem solving skills, and help make multiple connections with math for deeper understanding, he isn't lying.  In one year, he tranformed my daughter into a math student who may not LOVE math, but is no longer afraid of a math problem.  her SAT scores showed it.  Terry, thanks for being there.  Thanks for your patience, gentile persistence, and for showing her that math is not that scary monster in the closet!  

~parent of Lincoln High student


**I am a mother of a high-school senior. I employed Terry as a tutor/teacher for high-school Algebra II about twice a week for several weeks during the 2008-2009 academic year. During this time, I had the opportunity to see Terry work directly with my son on an on-line independent study course through an accredited distance-learning program. I also had the opportunity to compare Terry with approximately eight other tutors we have employed in similar roles. 

My son and I agree that Terry was beyond doubt the best tutor we had. He is an extremely skillful teacher and communicator. Moreover, his insight as a professional educator into what an individual student needs is extraordinary. My son has some learning differences and a significant problem with anxiety, and Terry quickly cut through his worries and helped him settle down and get to work. James made much faster progress with Terry than with any of the other tutor/teachers we employed, and he also gained confidence and retained the material to a greater degree. Based on this experience, I can recommend Terry very highly as a tutor or independent-study teacher.

~parent of Tualitin High and Portland State student


**Terry, you are an amazing man! I am eternally grateful for all your guidance and the support you provided for our daughter through her Math journey; Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II.  As a parent it was so difficult to see my daughter experience frustration, anxiety and self-doubt in her Math classes. The cycle of hating Math was perpetual and I knew we had to do something other than traditional classroom learning. After attempting to tutor and home-school her in Math and feeling our relationship begin to deteriorate I realized we needed help!

Blessedly the wonders of the Internet lead me to your website, and with one phone conversation I knew we found the solution to our problem.

You have a wonderful approach as a tutor; coaching, giving an appropriate nudge when a student needs to expand, and recognizing the individual learning style.

Parents, if this scenario sounds familiar, don't wait, call now!

Terry Burch is the tutor you want for your child's educational enrichment!

~parent of Tigard High Student


**Terry has done a great job with our son tutoring him in Functional Analysis/Trigonometry and in Physics.  Terry was able to break down the information in a way that our son could understand so that he could be successful in his classes.  We are very happy with the end result of not only a good grade, but a good understanding of the material so that our son is ready for the next level. Terry also provided encouragement and advice regarding school and class situations.  We highly recommend him!  His rates are very reasonable and his availability is suited well to work around athletics and other extracurricular activities.  Wondering if he could go to college with our son...

~parent of Aloha High Student


**I feel very fortunate to have discovered Terry - his services as a tutor to my 11th grade daughter have been invaluable.  I was struggling with trying to assist her in math and science when she’d get stuck, but had forgotten most of what I learned in high school.  Actually, I think never learned some of what is taught now.  It was a huge relief for me to have Terry become her tutor each week.  He was very adept at explaining concepts to her in a way she understood and was a great supplement to the classroom instruction.  She also liked being independent of my assistance as well - it improved our relationship.  My only regret is that we didn’t start using him in her freshmen year.  I’m convinced her grades would have been dramatically better. 

~parent of Sunset High Student  


**We started using Terry midway thru the school year and wished we had started earlier.  He made it so the material was easy to understand and actually turned out to be fun.  My son’s confidence went way up and he ended up with a grade point higher after his work with Terry.  I would recommend Terry for Physics tutoring and SAT prep.

~parent of Jesuit High student


**Terry, thank you for tutoring my daughter and helping her learn/understand the math concepts she was given in AGS III.  She started with a low C, and ended with a B in that class.  She was thrilled!  Hopefully her SAT scores will get better as well.

I don't know what it is, but keep doing it!  You seem to be able to sense where these kids are, in their knowledge of math, and expand their understanding from that point, on.  She mentioned how you are able to break down each concept to a level she can understand.  She definitely is more confident!

We will be in touch again, I'm sure will want to keep growing in her math skills!

~parent of Southridge High student


**Terry is a great tutor and I recommend him to any parent who is looking for a professional math tutor. He helped my daughter work through the Algebra 1 concepts and I am pretty sure she will be placed in the advanced classes in the school year.  I explained to him my concerns and math goals  for my daughter and he was very accomodative to listen to our interests and targeted his approach of teaching from our perspective. Terry also worked with my son for his math portion of SAT prep and I strongly tell that I felt a difference with one on one tutoring. Terry actually  went through all the problems along with my son in the practice tests. Terry is a very good math tutor and very professional in attitude!  

~parent of Beaverton Health and Science students


**I just wanted to let you know my son took his final in geometry today and passed every section on the test raising his class grade to a C for the semester.  He had an F for most of the year in that class and just couldn't quite focus enough during test to pass and raise his grade.  He also wouldn't ask for help when he was struggling so we are very relieved that he was able to pass everything and we're also proud of his effort.  His teacher emailed him personally to give him the results.  

I want to personally thank you for all your help and always making yourself available when he really needed help and support.  

~parent of Benson High student


**I'm pleased to recommend Terry to any parent who is looking for a competent math tutor capable of relating to a teenager.  Since my son started working with Terry, he not only has a greater interest and confidence in math but he is also now making progress to accelerate his math skills and high school class placement.  Sometimes a teacher makes all the difference.  Terry's low key but direct style works really well with my high school age son, who sees Terry for algebra, geometry and also chemistry.  Terry's experience as a high school math teacher and knowledge of curriculum has helped us to focus attention on concepts that will help our son succeed and map his classes for college prep.

~parent of Riverdale High student


**(My son) took his first algebra II quiz since working with you and got a 95 on the quiz and an 83 on his test.   This is a huge improvement and for a kid who was reluctant to receive tutoring he now sees the light.  He seems happier and more confident.  As you know he had been down in the C-/D+ range.  Thank you very much you are making a big difference.

~parent of Portland Christian School student


**I was excited when my daughter started AP Physics.  After a few weeks she began to struggle with both the concepts and the formulas and I was at a loss to help her.  We set up an appointment with Terry and I crossed my fingers.  When I came back near the end of the hour, the first thing I heard was my daughter saying “Ah! I get it!”  We continued to meet weekly and I am happy to report my daughter finished the course with an A grade. 

~parent of Merlo Station student


**Terry Burch is a dynamic tutor/teacher with an easy going demeanor who relates well with students.  After the first tutor session, my wife and I knew that Terry would be a good fit for our son.   Terry talked with us after the first session and explained to us that he too struggled with algebra in high school and he knows what it’s like to be stressed out and frustrated with Algebra when you’re not getting it.  Terry’s easy going and unassuming approach puts the student at ease and allows the focus to be on learning difficult Algebra concepts.  Terry doesn’t just work math problems with the student; he takes an interactive approach and tries to figure out the student’s optimum learning style (what works best for the student) and refines his tutoring to fit the student.  Terry also then tries to help the student recognize and employ the learning style (study habits) that will help him be a better and more successful student – he builds confidence.  Our son’s algebra grades were typically in the C/D range in high school, but in his last and most difficult class (Algebra IIb); Terry’s tutoring helped him close out with a B! 

~ parent of Southridge High Student.  


**Terry Burch has tutored my teenage son in college-level Statistics daily through the summer of 2009. I can enthusiastically recommend him as a tutor for students needing help in math and physics.

My son, a recent high-school graduate, wasn’t sure he could handle a college-level Statistics course this summer, but he decided to take on the challenge. We were fortunate to find Terry, a former high school math teacher and football coach, to work with my son daily. Terry fulfilled all the functions one would hope to see in a good tutor and more. He helped my son complete the entire term of Statistics in just eight weeks. With Terry’s help, my son not only managed to meet his own goal of passing the course, but to pull down A’s and B’s. 

        My family has employed several tutors, and Terry’s skills and attributes are extraordinary in several ways. First, he goes beyond merely doing problems with students, to teaching them lifelong learning and study attitudes and habits. Terry calls this “strategic tutoring,” and it is a label that fits, in our experience. Second, he has a remarkable ability to improve students’ attitudes toward subject matter and doing homework. He inspired my son to take on a new, winning attitude toward math and encouraged him to believe that he can reach any goal if he takes the right approach. Third, he is very insightful and is able quickly to individualize instruction to suit a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Fourth, he fosters independent learning by pushing students to take responsibility for their own work. And finally, he is simply a very pleasant, enjoyable person to have around. We came to look forward to his daily sessions and to appreciate his kindness, humor and flexibility. Terry has been a great role model, coach and friend to my son, and we are going to miss him.

~parent of Portland University student


**He has been tutoring my 15 year old son in introductory physics and Algebra I for the past six months. During that time my son’s grades have steadily improved, moving from failing work to C’s, B’s and, potentially, even an A for his final physics grade (we won’t know for a week). He now has confidence in his ability to learn these mathematically challenging subjects. Terry focuses on showing my son the most efficient methods for solving problems, uses persistent questioning to show my son how to approach a problem, drills gently to make sure these ideas take hold, and shares study strategies. Even more, Terry has inspired in my son a genuine interest in the application of physics to issues of cosmology, deep sea exploration, etc. Terry shares his excitement about these topics in a spontaneous way, and you can’t help but adopt his fascination. Finally, Terry is a commendable professional, always on time, prepared, adaptable and sensitive to the challenges of a teenage boy’s attention span!

~parent of Beaverton ISB student


**He has been working with both my daughters for the past 6 months. He's worked well with both my children. They've both mentioned his ability to explain things in a manner that makes them easier to understand. 

My youngest daughter, who is in 6th grade and was struggling with math during 5th grade, has since been bumped up to the advanced math class and is also helping assist some of the other students in her class. 

He has also been tutoring my oldest daughter, who is a Junior in high school, with both Algebra 2 and with Physics. Because of his help, she has been able to advance to the Algebra 2 Advanced class and in Physics has easily been able to maintain an A in the class. 

Based on my experience, I would highly recommend him for tutoring in any subject he has knowledge with.

~parent of Valley Catholic students


**I contacted Terry through Craigslist as a last resort in a desperate attempt to help my son, who had resisted any help from a tutor, finish a summer course in Algebra II. This was the only credit my son needed to complete his High School credits. If he didn’t pass the final exam he would not have received his High School Diploma and would have to adjust his fall schedule of college classes to include half a semester of Algebra II. To make matters worse we only had a week and a half before the final exam.  Terry was quick to assess the situation and got right down to work. My son met with Terry for four sessions in our home. In that time I could see a change in my son’s attitude towards the task at hand. He immediately felt comfortable with Terry, the fear and anxiety seemed to subside somewhat and my son for the first time began to believe he was capable of understanding what he was learning. Terry can relate to the struggles that students have understanding and absorbing difficult material. With that understanding I believe Terry is better able to communicate to students on many different levels. Terry certainly got my son’s attention. My son past his final exam and will be entering college this fall. We are grateful to Terry for his patience, flexibility, knowledge and commitment. But most of all for Terry’s unique ability to communicate and relate to his students needs. I will not hesitate to call on Terry as the need arises in the future. Without a doubt, Terry has all the qualifications of a gifted and talented tutor.

~parent of Lincoln High student

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