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Professional Physics and Math Tutoring

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My name is Terry Burch and I am a former math and physics teacher with 4 years experience teaching in public high schools, 7 years experience teaching at community colleges, and 15+ years experience with individual, private tutoring.  I've worked with thousands of students in many environments and I have the experience and skills necessary to help you or your child succeed in math or physics.


I not only help my students better understand the material where it is most needed, but I also work to build confidence and help develop problem-solving strategies that will aid in all areas of study.  I focus on helping the student make multiple connections for deeper understanding.  It is my belief that anyone can learn math and physics with the right approach.  I use library texts and technology in addition to the student's own class materials(textbook/calculator/paper/pencil) to help achieve our goals.

I often assign extra worksheets with solutions to students in need of a bit more practice.  I firmly believe that focused practice with a distinct, measurable outcome will yield the largest gain, both in terms of understanding and grades.


I work with students of all ages:

*middle school students needing help or working on building the foundation necessary for success in high school math and beyond

*high school students needing immediate help when struggling in class or just those seeking consistent, balanced math mentoring

*students taking online math classes who cannot effectively teach themselves the material

*adults re-entering academia who’ve been away from math for an extended period

*adults and teens seeking help preparing for a standardized test (SAT, ACT, SAT PHYSICS, SAT MATH, IB PHYSICS AND MATH, MCAT, PRAXIS, GRE, ASVAB)

*college students - Physics and Math up thru Calculus 2.

*homeschool students 


I’m currently tutoring: 

Algebra 1,2,3,4

AGS 1,2,3



Pre Calculus


AP Calculus

College Calculus 1 and 2


STEM Physics


AP Physics

IB Physics

College Physics 1 and 2

General Chemistry (only if meeting weekly beginning at start of school year)


Contact me via email, text or phone to discuss your needs and how we can accommodate them. 

References are available upon request.

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